Info for families


See the schedule below to find out when and where our Family Forest School sessions take place and how to book.

What to expect

Each session is quite a relaxed affair as we appreciate that life with small children often gets in the way of hard and fast schedules.

As people arrive, we draw their attention to the specifics that may or may not have been found on the morning’s risk assessment sweep, and we share with them our plans for the morning.

Alongside our planned activity, resources are available for a huge variety of choice in what children and families would like to get busy with; from lying in the hammocks to digging and making mud pies; searching for beasts or reading a story; painting and chalking or playing with water and so much more, the choices are there for all.

Then we disband and let the morning take whatever path it will take within the safe boundaries of the base.

Snack and drinks are available for everyone to have during the session, and handwashing is always possible.

Our sessions close with a gathering together time for those that want to, when we sing songs, chat about our morning and raise any issues that we have or information that we want to pass on.

After singing everyone heads off, after doing a little bit to help tidy up.

We look forward to seeing you there soon.

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What should adults do?

We encourage the adults to support the children in their activities rather than doing them for them or choosing for them.

We encourage the adults, whilst watching out for their child’s safety, to let them take some responsibility for their own adventures.

Whilst the children will be gaining a massive amount from being in the woods and playing together, we recognise that an important aspect to any parent and child group is the support and friendship that we as adults can gain.

Parenting is really challenging! And getting together with others can make it seem a little lighter for a time.

Photo for Tinderwood Trust by Sarah Mason Photographers

What to wear / bring

As the weather conditions vary through the year each adult bringing a child to the sessions is responsible for dressing themselves and their child appropriately.

Ideally both adults and children alike should have (depending on the season)

  • Long Trousers
  • Wellies/ footwear that protects toes
  • Wooly hat and gloves
  • Spare socks
  • Change of clothes in a carrier bag
  • Fleece/ sweatshirt
  • Jacket/ coat
  • Sun hat
  • Waterproofs

Family Sessions  at Eastwood in a post-lockdown world - when it returns... !

Let us make you a nice cuppa by the fire while your children have time to explore our newly restored site to themselves.

Our wild playing out sessions for families at our Eastwood site will be by virtue of the new virus limited by current government guidelines on social interaction. Staff will follow active benefit risk assessments to set up resources and activities to play and get busy with.

We will be getting creative with nature, probably digging interesting holes and definitely cooking on the fire and searching for things in the pond, all inspired by the forest school ethos. Come and play out together with us.


See sections below for dates/times and availability.


Sessions will be automatically allocated on a first come, first served basis. (If you cannot attend a particular session please note this in the email. We will do our best to match families’ requests, but we cannot make any guarantees.)

Places are sadly very limited, but we hope to expand our operations when Government guidelines allow. Please be patient if we cannot fit you in this time. We will regularly update the available sessions on our Facebook page.

Please email to book.

!January 2021 National Lockdown Update All our current sessions are on pause for now until February half term due to the Covid-19 pandemic. When we have a clear picture of how we can restart we will publish information here and on our Facebook and Instagram pages. Take care, stay well and see you all back in the woods again soon. The Tinderwood team x

Please note: We run in all weathers with just two exceptions; if there is a strong wind or if the rain has been really heavy and the site is liable to flood. Either of these conditions would make it unsafe to be in the woods, and families will be contacted on Facebook or text message as soon as a risk assessment has been carried out. A message will also be shown on this page.